Our community has come together to support future Rhodes Scholars.

Thank you to everyone who made a gift in 2015/16. Visit your Class page to see your Class donor list.  Contact David Mungall if you want to make a gift: david.mungall@rhodeshouse.ox.ac.uk 

Rhodes Annual Giving 2016

We appreciate your support!

Annual giving sustains and enhances the Rhodes Scholarships. Gifts support the endowment and improve the current Scholar experience.

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The new Character, Service & Leadership Programme in a three minute film

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ClassDonorsParticipation rateClass total given online
1.20104353.1%£1,752.46Go to Class page
2.19803652.9%£4,801.55Go to Class page
3.20144048.2%£836.55Go to Class page
4.19813247.1%£11,613.25Go to Class page
5.19672745.0%£79,189.34Go to Class page
6.19733043.5%£3,746.93Go to Class page
7.19833043.5%£1,631.08Go to Class page
8.19742942.7%£6,533.66Go to Class page
9.20093440.5%£634.82Go to Class page
10.19541339.4%£69.31Go to Class page
11.20083138.3%£862.73Go to Class page
12.19632036.4%£1,415.54Go to Class page
13.19712434.3%£2,961.17Go to Class page
14.20023033.7%£2,400.70Go to Class page
15.19611833.3%£1,776.72Go to Class page
16.19662032.8%£1,286.71Go to Class page
17.19682132.3%£656.91Go to Class page
18.20112632.1%£585.93Go to Class page
19.19762331.9%£10,846.94Go to Class page
20.20052931.9%£1,395.34Go to Class page
21.19702131.3%£4,611.25Go to Class page
22.19842131.3%£8,814.44Go to Class page
23.20152631.3%£12,856.14Go to Class page
24.19692031.3%£3,888.15Go to Class page
25.19782130.9%£2,860.16Go to Class page
26.20042830.8%£2,371.69Go to Class page
27.20062530.5%£781.87Go to Class page
28.20132530.1%£596.98Go to Class page
29.19772130.0%£1,707.86Go to Class page
30.19872329.5%£1,524.12Go to Class page
31.20072429.3%£1,178.99Go to Class page
32.19651829.0%£7,441.87Go to Class page
33.20002628.6%£1,302.10Go to Class page
34.19641828.1%£1,490.05Go to Class page
35.19621627.6%£1,568.65Go to Class page
36.19751927.5%£586.30Go to Class page
37.19571127.5%£450.32Go to Class page
38.19892027.4%£2,399.45Go to Class page
39.19962327.4%£713.48Go to Class page
40.19821927.1%£5,043.29Go to Class page
41.19721826.9%£790.92Go to Class page
42.19932426.7%£2,063.62Go to Class page
43.19942326.4%£1,099.20Go to Class page
44.19862026.3%£519.22Go to Class page
45.19791725.8%£36,454.42Go to Class page
46.19531025.6%£1,056.83Go to Class page
47.19881824.0%£1,448.87Go to Class page
48.19581323.6%£14,349.52Go to Class page
49.19591323.6%£416.70Go to Class page
50.19992023.0%£1,890.17Go to Class page
51.19952122.8%£3,252.14Go to Class page
52.1952922.0%£553.80Go to Class page
53.20121822.0%£501.33Go to Class page
54.19982021.7%£1,186.28Go to Class page
55.19971821.7%£318.49Go to Class page
56.1955821.6%£521.23Go to Class page
57.19561021.3%£857.15Go to Class page
58.19851520.8%£2,099.36Go to Class page
59.19901620.8%£806.35Go to Class page
60.20031920.7%£899.57Go to Class page
61.1949320.0%£0.00Go to Class page
62.19601018.9%£70.49Go to Class page
63.20011618.0%£4,764.56Go to Class page
64.1948313.0%£0.01Go to Class page
65.19911012.7%£557.53Go to Class page
66.1951412.5%£0.01Go to Class page
67.1946211.1%£0.01Go to Class page
68.1947211.1%£0.00Go to Class page
69.199299.7%£0.02Go to Class page
70.195026.1%£0.01Go to Class page
71.194000%£0.00Go to Class page
72.192700%£0.00Go to Class page
73.193000%£0.00Go to Class page
74.193500%£0.00Go to Class page
75.193600%£0.00Go to Class page
76.193700%£0.00Go to Class page
77.193800%£0.00Go to Class page
78.193900%£0.00Go to Class page
79.194100%£0.00Go to Class page
80.194200%£0.00Go to Class page
81.194300%£0.00Go to Class page

Participation by Country of Election


Annual giving sustains and enhances the Rhodes Scholarships. Watch the short film to see how the Character, Service and Leadership Programme will enable the Scholarship to live up to its mission of values-based leadership in the 21st century. The Rhodes Trust provides the Rhodes Scholarships in partnership with the Second Century Founder, John McCall MacBain, and other generous benefactors.

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How will the money be used?

All gifts will be used to support the core Rhodes Scholarships including tuition fees, stipends and the Scholar programme. New Scholarships, such as those for China, are funded entirely separately by new donors.

How can I make a gift?

Click 'Give Now' above and follow the instructions. For tax-efficient giving in your country, please select the relevant country when making your gift. In some countries we do not yet offer tax efficient giving online and you will instead be sent an email with instructions to complete your gift offline.

How is the Campaign for the Second Century going?

The aim of the Campaign is to fully endow the core 83 Scholarships. As of 1 March 2016, £112M had been raised to the target of £150M leaving £38M to go. Annual giving provides vital funds to sustain the Scholarships and all gifts count toward the Campaign.

Why does my gift matter?

Annual giving is a vital source of regular income to the Trust. Whatever you can give, a high participation rate is important to convince non-Scholar donors that the Scholarships are worth supporting.

Will my gift be used to fund new Scholarships?

No. New Scholarships, such as those for China, are funded separately by new donors.

Do gifts to Annual Giving count toward the Campaign?


The McCall MacBain Match Fund

All gifts are matched at 1:2 (meaning your gift is worth 50% more!), except gifts from Canada-elected or Canada-resident Scholars which are matched 1:1.

What is the Rhodes Society?

The Rhodes Society recognises those individuals who have informed the Trust of their intention to leave a gift in their Will or other planned gift. If you are interested in leaving a bequest gift it is important you let us know because a new Legacy Match means that you will generate an immediate gift to the Trust when you inform us of your intention to leave a bequest or planned gift. Contact david.mungall@rhodeshouse.ox.ac.uk.